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Environmental Policy

By respecting the environment, we respect ourselves

One of the things that make the Grande Dame Villa so unique is the environment surrounding it. Whether it be the clear blue sea, the golden seashore, or the green hills of the glorious sunlight of Greece, one cannot but be mesmerized by the exquisite nature of the villa’s ambiance. What greater treasure can there be but the environment itself. One of the few Eco-friendly villas in Greece, the Grande Dame Villa blends in with the natural surroundings and respects the environment not only with its architecture but with its strong philosophy of ecological conscience and daily eco-acts.


Being a green villa requires certain measures to be taken. These measures are respected and conducted all around Europe and should be a top priority in this beautiful natural environment offered to us here in Southern Greece. This beautiful villa takes these very specific measures to effect every day, respecting the environment and earning the title of a true environmentally friendly vacation rental.




GREEN KEY eco-label award

Villa’s Environment Eco-measures

Grande Dame Villa is a property with a modern conception of hospitality, operating with deep environmental respect. In 2017 the villa was awarded the International eco-label for Hotel Enterprises “The Green Key”. Green Key is conducted as a certification program that intends to increase the awareness of the owners, staff, clients, and stakeholders of their potential for action towards environmental and sustainability issues.


Our environmental objectives are mainly focused on the following areas: 


  • Energy Management

  • Water Management

  • Solid Waste Management

  • Air Quality improvement

  • Protection of Landscape and Nature

  • Promoting the involvement of stakeholders, employees, and customers

Our annual progress is presented in our annual sustainability report which you are welcome to read.

The application of a wider Environmental Collaboration with actions like leaflets inducing environmental awareness, supporting environmental organizations, buying products on a local level and so on.
Low consumption light bulbs in all areas and garden lighting, Master electricity switch in all bedrooms, Hot and cold water pipe insulation, one hand controlled bath taps, Waste separation in metal, plastic, and paper, Battery recycling, Continuous filtering of pool water, and regular monitoring of the water quality.
Protection of the nests of emigrating birds, putting labels with the name of the plants, producing our own olive oil from the olives of our garden.

It is with great pride that we carry our title and continue with our beliefs to protect the natural beauty of what is one of the most beautiful natural environments across Europe.


Combining Eco-Awareness and Enjoyment on a Luxury Villa in Rhodes

Our Grande Dame Villa pool is environmentally friendly and minimizes any impact on the environment. Piscines Ideales | the eco pool® exists in perfect harmony with the environment and is a true champion for the cause.

Our swimming pools feature our own unique technology and ensure:

  1. Environmentally-friendly construction and operation

  2. Reduced use of water and energy

  3. Minimum use of disinfectants

  4. Minimal interference in the natural environment

  5. More environmentally friendly options to upgrade your pool

In 2008, Piscines Ideales won a unique Eco-Product Award from the European Commission and the Greek Association of Environmental Protection (PASEPPE) within the framework of “Business Awards for the Environment”.  Furthermore, in 2011 Ideales was awarded by the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry, within the framework of the Think Green project.

Our goal is to offer quality, environmentally friendly products that enhance your life, without wasting valuable resources. We love, care, and protect the environment because …it’s good for you!



Think Green

The Grande Dame Villa in cooperation with the Greek Nature Protection Society aims to do its best to show ways and practices that will help us understand that we can think differently…

We think green!!!

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