The Grande Dame Villa is located amidst a beautiful ancient botanical garden area of the Italian era called “Fytorio Rodou”, accessed by a serene side road from the main artery from Rhodes city to Kalithea and Faliraki. Engulfed in utter tranquility, among fields and olive groves, the villa is nevertheless conveniently close to the city, as well as Koskinou village and the scenic Kallithea.

The villa rises on a peaceful property full of Mediterranean trees, flowers, and spices, while its garden is adorned with sandstones, jars, stone pathways and several trees, such as pine trees, olive trees, pomegranate and peach trees. 
With a view to the blue waters of the Aegean, the green hill of Kallithea is home to a lovely settlement of modern residencies and holiday homes.

You can reach the nearest beach in just 2 km. Several restaurants, bars, and supermarkets are within 1.5 km from the property. The Medieval Town of Rhodes and its port are 6 km away. Kallithea Springs are within 3.5 km. Rhodes International Airport is at a distance of 18.5 km.

The villa offers a preferred location to:

  • Bakery: 0.9km

  • Meat Center: 0.9km

  • Supermarket: AB Vasilopoulos 0.9km

  • Supermarket: Lidl 1.0km

  • Supermarket: Sklavenitis 1.3km

  • Souvlaki House: 2.0km

  • Pharmacy: 2.1km

  • Fish market: 3.5km

  • Vegetable Market: 3.5km

  • The Medieval Town of Rhodes and its port, 5.7 km away.

  • Kallithea Springs 3.5 km.

  • Rhodes International Airport 18.5 km.

  • Euromedica Private Hospital  3.1km

  • Faliraki center: 7.1 km

  • Golf Afandou 13,0km

  • Lindos 40,0km

The Neighborhood

Rhodes, a World Heritage City

The island of Rhodes is located at the crossroads of two major sea routes of the Mediterranean between the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East, as well as Cyprus and Egypt. The meeting point of three continents, it has known many civilizations.
Throughout its long history, the different people who settled on Rhodes left their mark in all aspects of the island's culture: art, language, architecture. Its strategic position brought to the island great wealth and made the city of Rhodes one of the leading cities of the ancient Greek world.
Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese. Its capital city, located at its northern tip, is the capital of the Prefecture with the Medieval Town in its center. In 1988 the Medieval Town was designated as a World Heritage City. The Medieval Town of Rhodes is the result of different architectures belonging to various historic eras, predominantly those of the Knights of St. John.
There is so much to see and experience in Rhodes, there are so many choices for visitors, that they could never lose interest. With 2400 years of history & culture that left their imprints or all over the island, with impeccable natural beauty and a great variety of landscapes, with modern infrastructure and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Rhodes satisfies even the most demanding visitor!
Whatever style of holiday you prefer, in Rhodes you will have an amazing time and will enjoy every minute of it!
Combining, history and culture, natural beauty, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and legendary hospitality, Rhodes welcomes you generously, making your vacation an unforgettable experience!

Kallithea Springs

Since the antiquity, the area of Kalithea (Καλλιθέα) was known for its thermal, therapeutic springs. In 1927, under the administration of Mario Lago, a systematic study of the waters was initiated headed by Gustavo Gasperini, his son Carlo and Enea Brunetti (who later became the of the director of Terme di Calitea).
The study concluded that the water had a range of important properties and proposed the development of the area with the creation of a Thermal Spa Institution that would function in accordance with the stringiest health requirements of the time. In late December 1928, the Government of the Islands of the Aegean decided the construction of the building complex. The project was commissioned to the famous architect Pietro Lombardi. His plans for Kalithea Thermal Spa were considered among the best architectural compositions of the time, masterfully combining different architectural styles from Arabic to Baroque. It was considered, worldwide, as one of the most emblematic architectural constructions of the 1930s.

Today Kalithea Springs is considered one of the most distinctive landmarks on the island of Rhodes.
Although the spa is no longer in operation, this fabulous building and unique architectural monument, surrounded by palms and pine trees, has been recently restored, converted to dining and cafe facilities.

The exotic vegetation combined with emerald waters of Kalithea’s cove match perfectly with this idyllic scenery of the surroundings creates a fabulous picturesque combination of beauty coming right out from the cinema of the past times. Kalithea is about 8km from the Rhodes’ town-center, along the eastern coast of the island. It can be easily reached by public transport. You can also get there by boat. There are several departing from Mandraki harbor.

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